Back Blouse: Models we will wear this season

Feminine, of chiffon, silk, cotton, tulle … with collar, carnival, bow, V neckline! Blouses will bring the freshness, decency and femininity that he needs in the seventies!
If you thought the blouse got out of fashion, giving way to short top pieces and toxics with shirts, you were cheated. The return of the seventies restored feminine models of blouse of the finest silk, viscose and muesli, advising us to wear them in pairs with bells, texas with A-shaped skirts and flying skirts of midi length.

Blouses are by all means the perfect way to channel boho romance, which has always been the main gown of cheerful and inspiring seventies. Also, the cloth is a very practical piece that can cover your stronger hands. Regardless of the model and the material, each blouse can refresh the jeans in the most perfect way, making it more elegant, more elegant, more seductive. Imagine some chic simple bell-ringing and flickering chiffon blouse? Minimalism + femininity … must result in a dress combination that leaves a striking impression!

Apparently aware of this, a large number of designers played with this model in their current spring collections, from Givenchy, Alexander McQueen, Valentine via Dior to Saint Laurent.

Romantic with a collar and carnival

These models are ideal for business combinations because they are closed and full of folds. In addition to transparent cloth patterns, you can also choose those of canvas or cotton. Still, they are more desirable than those of tulle and chiffon, all with decorative ribbons that you can tie in a bow or just let it fall freely down the body. The pallet is monochromatic and in shades of white, cream tones. Thin stripes come in the thin strip or abstract motif.