Favorite season: The most beautiful velvet blouses for cold weather

We have an absolute favorite of the season …

Pajamas, home gowns and underwear in the last few seasons have emerged as an inspiration for some of the most exquisite designs in design and high street collections.

Once reserved for enjoying the cozy atmosphere inside our homes, the most comfortable pieces from our closets turned into a romantic trend that we can not resist. After pajamas and dresses or dresses inspired by sophisticated home-made suits of silk or satin, the fashion world was delighted with the newest, so far the most elegant edition of bodys and t-shirts.

Far from the basic model of cotton or lycra that we are accustomed to wear under shirt, blouse, shirt and knitting, this season, T-shirts in combination with a luxurious plush are transformed into a sophisticated statement piece that will win the autumn season.

Easy to combine plush bodys with the simplest combinations turns into a striking edition with a dose of sophistication and subtle sepsill. Perfect choice for combining with jeans within casual everyday combinations and as a top with elegant pants and women’s suits in formal, business and evening editions.

The splendid texture and color palette in which, with the eternal black, the colors of precious stones, this season completely transformed the simple bods, but at the same time retained its versatility.

From more decent, romantic models in delicate colors with 3/4 or long sleeves to the statement of the model in a gorgeous floral pattern or challenging sleeveless sleeve, with open backs or prominent V neckline, the diversity of the model brings a feminine response to every combination and a fashionable dilemma of cold weather.