Trend alert: Autumn blouses that you need to try

Autumn is a very colorful season, lots of fashionable novelties, beautiful warm colors and materials. Lower temperatures require slightly warmer clothing pieces, which are easily worn under jackets, coats and thin coats. The blends of the blouses that we have chosen for you fit perfectly with the description.

They are sweet, comfortable, easy to carry, otherwise. The features that make them, in the first place, the fallen piece are fuller materials and patterns. Pepito, tartan print and tvid textures are definitely very trendy and very suitable for this time of year. Blouses are decorated with pens, cranks, or interesting constructions, and are very easy to combine with skirts, trousers and jeans. Which model in the gallery do you choose?

Feminine blouses look very bohemian, which is why they fit perfectly into the current fashion trend of the return of the 70s of the last century. Wear them on jeans to give the necessary dose of femininity and sophistication, but surely choose those that spread on the bottom of the sock. They agree well with the plump skirts of the midi length, but not even with the pencil skirt of the midi snack, because in that case, the styling will get a bit of a bang look, and you certainly do not want it.